Multicultural ambassadors to champion Queensland’s diversity

Queensland Multicultural Affairs Minister Grace Grace has inducted the state’s very first Multicultural Queensland Ambassador program representatives at Parliament House in Brisbane. Eighty organisations have put their hand up to benefit from and support Queensland’s growing diversity thanks to the new multicultural ambassador program.

“This program is paving the way for key organisations, institutions and corporates across Queensland to benefit from Queensland’s diversity. Queensland’s multicultural identity is one of our greatest strengths, driving billions of dollars into our state’s economy. Every day, migrants, refugees, international students and working holiday makers are bringing new perspectives, skills and global knowledge to our state, helping to fill skills gaps and labour shortages”, stated Ms Grace. 


A photo of Queenslanders at Red Carpet Multicultural Fashion Show

The Queensland government also believes that the multicultural community will open the doors to new markets and opportunities in light of an overly positive response received from  representatives from a range of industries, including banking, finance, education, sport, recruitment and employment, health, and many more nominating to take part.


The new multicultural ambassadors will lead their organisation in adopting best practice to promote cultural diversity and inclusion in the work place, as a means to highlight the importance of working together to embrace diversity, in line with the Multicultural Queensland Charter.

“Through this joint partnership with government and the private sector, we can showcase the positive contribution cultural diversity can make to Queensland workplaces, turning the charter’s principals into reality. Queensland is an increasingly multicultural society being home to people who speak more than 220 languages, hold more than 100 religious beliefs and come from more than 220 countries”, stated Ms Grace. 




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