Malawi Netball team delivers the biggest upset in the 2018 Commonwealth Games

Malawi Netball team has claimed the biggest upset in the Commonwealth Games by beating the mighty New Zealand team in the Gold Coast.

“We have beaten the untouchables, we can walk tall now” stated the Malawi Coach Whyte Mulilima following the victor,y which was celebrated by euphoric scenes from all Malawi players.


Malawi Netball players celebrating their win over New Zealand (Photo : Getty Image)



The surprise win has created a crisis for New Zealand Netball trying to figure out how its national team could have possibly lost to an adversary with very little record to show.

New Zealand has beaten Malawi every time the two teams have met and the last game was the 11th for these two nations.

“We are really disappointed in the product we put out there today and we got punished for it” stated New Zealand coach Janice.

The Kiwis were sensationally overrun in the final quarter on Sunday night, loosing  57-53 to Malawi.



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