AMA Membership

Use the form to sign up for AMA membership and receive several benefits  including: 

  • Free or discounted world class videos (we produce professional videos for our members for any purpose, including hosting an online show)
  • Free or discounted advertisement on AMA platforms for your event, project or business (over 100,000 audience reach per month) 
  • Free or discounted tickets for AMA and AMA partners events 
  • AMA’s assistance to connect with members of African-Australian communities for a project or other engagement purposes, (including African community and youth leaders, business operators, artists, bands, church leaders etc…
  • AMA’s facilitation services for business between Australia and Africa 
  • Discounted web services, including website hosting, content management and web security.
  • A variety of services linked to information and/or link with African-Australian communities, including contact with people and leaders in Africa
  • Drafting projects, funding applications, newsletters etc …
  • Anything we may be useful for, just ask us what you need and we will tell you if we can help directly or find someone who can.

The membership fee is only $50 per year. Additional fee may apply for certain types of requests made to AMA.  After filling the form below, you will be redirected to PayPal to make a payment and we will contact you as soon as we receive your email and payment confirmation. 

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