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AMA has a large network of readers, subscribers, Facebook friends, Linked in connections and many other social media links. We make our platform available to anyone wishing to communicate with African communities regularly or simply for a one off event or project.  By becoming a member, you can promote your event, work, projet and reach out to thousands of African individuals, leaders, organisations from around Australia.  The cost for AMA membership is very minimal, only $50 per year for individual and $150 for business. This exceptional offer is only available for a limited time and is subject to eligibility (some individuals and large businesses may not be eligible). Read the details below and then use form at the bottom of the page to sign up or contact us over the phone +61-(0)437724469, should you require more information before joining.  

Individual membership in Australia: ONLY $50 per year  

Benefits include:

  • Access to AMA studio and assistance to produce professional videos or sound material (such as for podcasting) for any purposes, such as communicating messages, promoting a project, a business or simply impressing your friends on Facebook etc…
  • Access to AMA’s large email database and audiences. We reach approximately 100,000 people per month and we guarantee that anything you publish with us will reach approximatley 10,000 people. 
  • Access to vouchers, discounted tickets and other promotional material offered by our network of businesses, artists and other event organisers
  • Save money next time you need professional videos for any occasions and events (birthday parties, weddings, community events, Church events, festivals etc…)
  • Access to AMA’s knowledge and expertise on Australia and Africa. Our network of leaders, professionals and individuals can help you with guidance on projects, business, family and community issues. Just ask us.
  • Access to AMA’s connections in Africa for business, charitable work and other areas.
  • Media training: we provide training on media and communication, including video production, editing, podcasting, writing newsletters, drafting press releases, business plans, PR and marketing plans etc…
  • Getting your announcements made through AMA for important information you want to communicate to the public. 

Business membership in Australia: $150 per year (small business) or $200 (for medium to large business)

Benefits include: 

  • Getting access to AMA studio to produce professional videos for your organisation’s communication needs 
  • Promoting your messages, services or products to African-australian communities in Victoria and nationally (up to 100,000 people through all our platforms: website, Facebook, You Tube, Linked in and Newsletter) 
  • helping you to find resourceful people to work with for the implementation of projects or for other community engagement purposes (we know our communities).
  • helping you to get documents and messages translated in African languages (where this is required) 
  • Getting assistance to engage and connect with different African individuals, community organisations, churches, artists, professionals for a variety of purposes 
  • Get your  staff or volunteer trained on media and communication, including video production, video and sound editing, podcasting, writing newsletters, drafting press releases, business plans, PR and marketing plans etc… 
  • Assistance with the design, drafting, publication and dissemination of newsletters and other communication material  to help your organisation’s branding and marketing objectives. 

Overseas members (outside of Australia): $50 per year. 

If you live outside of Australia and sign up with AMA you can also receive useful benefits from AMA including:

  • Getting your business advertised in Australia generally and the African-Australian communities in particular
  • Receiving information about tourist, study or work visa applications and connections with award winning migrant lawyers for professional assistance 
  • Business consultancy services, such as finding business partners for projects in Africa and in Australia 


Please note that additional fee may apply for certain types of requests made to AMA (depending on the nature and complexity of what is being requested).  

Please fill the form below and when you click submit, you will be redirected to PayPal to make a payment and we will contact you as soon as we receive your email and payment confirmation.  IF YOU ARE NOT REDIRECTED TO PAYPAL after filling the form, just click on the PAYPAL button on the top right corner of this website and you can make the payment by following the prompt.  You can contact AMA on  0437724469 if you need any more information. 

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