Africans need to produce more knowledge

In this  information  age, ignorance is a choice. Digital technologies are so powerful that we now literally walk around with a digital university in the palm of our hands. Mobile phones and laptops can give access to top knowledge through online videos, audio-books, conferences papers etc… All you need to do is to want to learn and sign up for a large data plan and you can access the latest knowledge produced by top scholars and specialists from any where. 

To produce knowledge, one needs to learn first. Knowledge is a tool for self and community development and this is something that needs to be cultivated within any community settings to encourage and accelerate progress. Educated African professionals need to use their education to produce and share knowledge that is addressed the specific needs of African communities in the diaspora and in the continent. 


procuring and disseminating knowledge online can transform Africa in very significant ways


African Professionals of Australia (APA) is currently working with Africa Media Australia to start APA Talks, modelled on Ted Talks, which enables African professionals, individuals and leaders to share their knowledge with the community using online videos, articles and podcast material.  The idea is to help change the mindset, inspire and accelerate progress within African communities.

APA sees the need to increase the amount of African-generated knowledge that is available globally through online platforms, such as You Tube and others. African professionals, leaders and activists need to investing in this space to ensure that Africans are not just consumers of knowledge but producers as well. 

Whether you have an inspiring story to tell or you simply want to share some of your skills or passion, you can use APA TALKS  from July 1, 2018. The online videos will be disseminated through AMA networks. Some donations may be required. If you would like to contribute, please contact us  by clicking here


Clyde Sharady




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