African communities urge public figures not to use racist slurs and discriminatory language for political gain

Open letter to all Australians (from a coalition of African communities)


Everyone belongs.


Australians come from all over the world, seeking opportunity to make the best life for themselves and their families. 

Recently, crime reporting has focused disproportionately on African-Australians, while positive coverage has leached away. When this is the only story being told about any single group of people, it has negative impacts. African-Australians are being targeted on the streets and online with racial taunts and sometimes violence. It affects our ability to feel that we too, belong. 

Public figures should not use racist slurs or discriminatory language for political gain.

We call on all Australian politicians to cease racial targeting.  We call on every party to recognise the affects their words have on the everyday lives of people in our communities.



African community leaders meet in Melbourne to discuss community issues 


Australian media outlets must no longer make racist connections between any person’s race, colour or ethnicity and their likelihood to commit a crime.

We call on journalists, editors and commentators not to reinforce black-crime stereotypes and anti-immigrant prejudice. We ask that you broaden your narrative to the full contribution of African-Australians and all migrants.

Today is Harmony Day – the International Day for the Elimination of Racial Discrimination. We call on all Australians to stand with us, against racism and discrimination wherever it occurs


The open letter is signed by several representatives of African communities 





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