A young African male killed inside Port Phillip prison in Melbourne West

A young African  male has been  killed inside the Port Philip Prison in Truganina.  

He was an inmate and was stabbed to death on Monday night and succumbed to his wounds early this morning.  

Victoria Police is investigating and it has been reported that a number of people have been detained inside Port Philip Prison, in relation to the incident. 

According to some media reports, the victim was deliberately targeted and the attack was not a random of violence as it often happens in the prison system.

AMA spoke to a friend of the victim and we can reveal that he was from Sierra-Leonean and Liberian background. His mother is from Liberia and his father from Sierra Leone.  He was incarcerated for assault charges and other driving offices and he has been in and out of prison at least a couple of times.

We have also learned that he came to Australia with his mother, he was initially living in Adelaide before coming to Melbourne recently. His Mum lives in Melbourne. 

The Victim was a father of at least two children that he had with two separate young women, one of in Melbourne and the other in Adelaide 






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