Lucy Gichuhi wins a seat at the Australian parliament, first African-born soon to occupy a seat at the Australian parliament

It is a great day for the history of Africans in Australia. The Australian is reporting that a Kenyan-born Australian, Mrs Lucy Gichuhi is set to replace ex-Senator Bob day, after a special count of the South Australian ballot papers has confirmed that Ms Lucy has won the seat. 


Ms Lucy Gichuhi, New Senator-elect  SA  


According to the The Australian,  sources close to the Australian Electoral Commission has advised Ms Gichuhi that she had been elected to fill the vacancy left by Mr Bob Day. 

Mrs Gichuhi will be officially be named Senator next week after the matter is returned to the High Court for the declaration and it is expected that she will be shown in on May 9, once parliament resumes. 


Over recent weeks questions have been raised regarding Mrs Gichuhi eligilbity to be elected after she declined to clarify what date she had renounced her Kenyan citizenship, given that a person with dual citizenship cannot be elected.  The Kenyan High Commission has stated that  it has no evidence that Mrs Gichuhi had applied for dual citizenship. This clarification means that Ms Gichuhi only holds one nationality (until proven otherwise) and is eligible to be elected Senator. 



Ms Gichuhi has been involved with Family first for over 15 years. She arrived in Australia in 1999 and she is a lawyer  working and residing in Adelaide. 

Social media comments from African-Australian groups show excitement from many members of this community to see one of theirs be elected in the Australian parliament for the first time. 


Clyde Sharady




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